Discover Your Ideal Second Home

Copeland Tower Living senior apartment bedroom with view of New Orleans skyline

Explore the perfect balance of serenity and vibrant city life at Copeland Tower Living in Metairie, Louisiana. Discover why our luxury community is the prime choice for your second home, offering easy access to New Orleans’ rich culture while providing a tranquil suburban retreat. Embrace a lifestyle that combines luxury, convenience, and community at Copeland Tower Living. Invest in a second home where every detail is tailored to enhance your life.

Your Guide to Holiday Events in Metairie, LA

Copeland Tower Living senior couple celebrating the holidays smiling while graffiti falls from the ceiling

As the crisp air of winter starts to weave its magic, Metairie, Louisiana, comes alive with the promise of holiday cheer. This vibrant city nestled on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain has long been known for its warm hospitality, rich culture, and  deep-rooted love for celebrations. And this year promises to be no different, with […]

Easy & Helpful Water Exercises for Seniors

Stay active and enjoy the benefits of low-impact water exercises at Copeland Tower Living in Metairie, LA. Discover our range of water aerobics classes tailored for seniors to enhance flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health, all while having fun in the company of friends. Join us to experience a vibrant and supportive community that keeps you physically and socially active.

How Amazon Alexa Helps Older Adults

Copeland Tower Living older couple setting up amazon echo at home

Discover how Amazon Alexa and Echo devices enhance the lives of older adults at Copeland Tower Living in Metairie, LA. Learn about the benefits of smart home technology for seniors, from staying connected with family to ensuring safety and independence. Explore how these innovative solutions can support an active, engaged lifestyle and provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

21 Outdoor Activities for Older Adults

Copeland Tower Living older man on the tennis court holding a tennis ball and tennis racket over his shoulder enjoying one of the best outdoor activities for seniors

Explore 21 fun and healthy outdoor activities perfect for older adults. From walking and swimming to gardening and bird-watching, discover a variety of ways to stay active, enjoy nature, and enhance your well-being. Experience the joy of outdoor living at Copeland Tower Living in Metairie, LA, where active lifestyles meet community and comfort.

31 of the Best Movies About Retirement

Copeland Tower Living senior man smiling while watching movies in the theater

It’s movie time! Topics like aging, finding love later in life, and retirement have given us some wonderful movies over the years. Read on to get a peek behind the curtain and learn about some of our favorites, most of which are available on popular streaming services.   Comedies About Retirement & Aging As Young as […]

The Best Companion Pets for Seniors

woman enjoying one of the best companion pets for seniors, a cat, on the couch

For people of all ages, pets truly can feel like family members. We include them in family photos, celebrate their birthdays, and take them on adventures. For many older adults, retirement is the perfect time to introduce a new furry, feathered, or finned companion to your home. And at Copeland Tower Living, you’ll find a […]

When Is It Time To Move to a Retirement Community?

senior couple at a farmers market enjoying their move to senior living

Retirement gives you the unique opportunity to focus on doing everything you love. Working on your favorite hobby, sharing a delicious meal with friends, exploring new sites and shops around you – it’s truly time to be all about yourself.  When you’re considering how you’re going to make the most of your retirement, your community […]

Independent Living Resident Panel at Copeland Tower Living

independent living resident panel

No one is more familiar with the benefits of choosing Copeland Tower Living than our residents. At our all-inclusive rental community, you’ll experience an active, hassle-free lifestyle complete with fun amenities, warm community and, of course, gracious hospitality.   Learn what it’s like to experience independent living The Copeland Way by sharing lunch and conversation with […]

Rental vs. Entrance Fee: Which Is Right for You?

Retired seniors relaxing at their retirement community doing a puzzle.

When comparing rental and entrance fee retirement communities, there are many important factors to consider. The two options look quite similar, and some of the main differences may be obscure at first glance. Compared to those communities requiring an entrance fee, rental senior living communities let you hold on to more of your money, socialize, […]