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Active Independent Living near New Orleans

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Expect a lifestyle of excellence, inspired by The Copeland Way.

Active independent senior living The Copeland Way means living your best life – however you define it for yourself. 

At our active senior living community, you’ll have the freedom of choice in all things, surrounded by best-in-class amenities and gourmet dining. Imagine the inner uplift of waking in your luxury apartment with opportunities for new adventures and relaxed contentment every day. 

Maintenance-free, as life ought to be.

Say goodbye to the never-ending hassles of homeownership. Your new life and new residence will be completely maintenance-free. We take care of upkeep inside and out – no more repairs or hassles! Clogged drain? Fussy ceiling lamp? Pick up the phone, and we’ll be there in a jiffy to set it right.

At our active independent living community, your only job is to enjoy rediscovered free time, enhanced by The Copeland Way with attentive hospitality and life-easing services. 

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Social butterflies, welcome.

Expect to make friends and have a good time. 

“I love everything here. These are really friendly people.” That simple statement by a resident sums up what makes Copeland Tower Living such a delightful place to live. 

We’re an active community of independent older adults who know how to have fun together. Here are just a few resident activities you can count on:

This doesn’t even include the countless spontaneous get-togethers and group outings. Residents dine together, lounge and socialize at the pool, organize coffee klatches, and even share their interests and talents in class settings.

With so much going on, it all adds up to active independent living with unlimited daily fulfillment for any taste and all interests.

senior woman practicing yoga

Wait till you get a taste of our dining program.

There’s something special about dining here – not just for the culinary excellence. Dining is also an opportunity to visit with friends and neighbors.

Our bar and cocktail lounge is a social hot spot for cocktails, snacks and camaraderie – a place to share laughter and the events of the day. 

Whatever your mood, expect delectable dishes and hospitality made famous by the Copeland name.

Expect the food to be superb. The company is even better.

Frequently asked questions about our lifestyle.

Active independent senior living removes the burdens of homeownership, such as maintenance and repairs, yardwork, mortgage payments, and property taxes. 

In place of these hassles, residents take advantage of community services, amenities, and dining options to live well and enjoy their retirement years to the fullest.

Active independent living is for adults ages 55 and better who are looking for a more rewarding and social lifestyle than what many seniors are able to enjoy in their current home.

Residents at Copeland Tower Living must be able to live safely and healthfully without regular care or assistance with activities of daily living, such as help with dressing, bathing, and medication management.

Yes! We recognize life is more fun with our four-legged friends.